How Barbershops and Hair Salons Can Benefit From Having A Mobile App

How Barbershops and Hair Salons Can Benefit From Having A Mobile App

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As we bear witness to the mobile revolution that is currently upon us, many small businesses stand to benefit immensely...particularly, barbers and hair stylists. By leveraging a mobile app, barbershops and beauty salons can increase revenue, streamline appointment scheduling, and improve customer retention and engagement.

Mobile app appointment Scheduling for Barbers and Stylists

Mobile app appointment scheduling allows barbershops and hair salons to cut down on the number of phone calls from customers looking to schedule or update appointments. From your app, customers can select available appointment blocks that the barber or stylist has defined, to book, change or cancel appointments. As appointments are booked or canceled, the barber or stylists is notified immediately. No need to receive interrupting texts or phone calls simply to manage appointments.

Mobile App Loyalty Rewards for Barbers and Hair Stylists

Rewarding regular customers is a great way to increase customer retention at your barbershop or hair salon. For example, offering customers $10 off of their 10th haircut will entice customers to return to your barbershop continually to build points toward their reward. Your barbershop or hair salon mobile app can manage and streamline this process extremely easily. Customers with your mobile app, will simply have their app stamped (or manually entered) with your secret code at your barbershop or hair salon to count that visit toward their reward.

Push Notification for Barbershops and Hair Salons

Mobile app push notifications can be leveraged as an excellent tool for promotions, barbershop and salon updates, appointment reminders and more. With push notifications, you have the ability to send messages to the main screen of your customers mobile device. Because of this ability, push notifications should be used strategically and judiciously. However, when used properly, mobile app push notifications can prove to be a great customer retention tool.

We've only scratched the surface of the potential benefits that a mobile app can provide for your barbershop or hair salon. The question shouldn't be "if", but rather "when" will you incorporate a mobile app for your barbershop or hair salon? Considering the exponential growth in mobile device usage, that time should be now!

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How Barbershops and Hair Salons Can Benefit From Having A Mobile App

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